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Anatomy of female Lutzomyia sand flies.

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posted on 2015-10-05, 02:50 authored by James M. Battisti, Phillip G. Lawyer, Michael F. Minnick

L. verrucarum(A) and L. longipalpis(B) 16h following ingestion of a B. bacilliformis-infected human blood meal. (C) External anatomy of L. verrucarum with red arrows illustrating route of blood meal from probosis through head, thorax, and abdomen. (D) Blood-fed L. verrucarum 24h following ingestion of an artificial blood meal * which is held within the abdominal midgut (AM) by a peritrophic membrane (PM) between the stomodeal valve (SV) and pyloric valve (PV). Flies digest blood meal by releasing enzymes into the PM-encased lumen of the AM. Esophagus (ES), Ileum (IL), Rectum (R), Malpighian tubules (M).