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Analytic maps of alphavirus seropositivity in Milalani-Nganja (right) and Vuga (left).

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posted on 06.02.2015, 03:00 by A. Desiree LaBeaud, Tamara Banda, Julie Brichard, Eric M. Muchiri, Peter L. Mungai, Francis M. Mutuku, Erin Borland, Ginny Gildengorin, Sarah Pfeil, Crystal Y. Teng, Kristin Long, Mark Heise, Ann M. Powers, Uriel Kitron, Charles H. King

The top panels show household locations as dots proportional to the household density of seropositives; the bottom panels show the kernel density estimates for alphaviral seropositivity as a color range, with red having the highest vales and blue the lowest values.