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Analysis of the protein-protein interaction between DsrEFH and DsrC by Surface Plasmon Resonance.

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posted on 2012-07-16, 02:35 authored by Yvonne Stockdreher, Sofia S. Venceslau, Michaele Josten, Hans-Georg Sahl, Inês A. C. Pereira, Christiane Dahl

(A) and (B) are sensorgrams of interaction of DsrC (wt and cysteine mutated) with DsrEFH determined by surface plasmon resonance affinity assays. Various concentrations (ranging from 40 to 1280 nM) of DsrC wild type were injected through the flow cell with immobilized DsrEFH. The kinetic profiles are shown in (A). Comparison of binding levels using different reduced analytes (80 nM): DsrC wild type, DsrC-Ser100, DsrC-Ser111 and double cysteine mutated DsrC (B). Ass, association step; Diss, dissociation step.