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Analysis of the organization of the region upstream of orf355/orf77 in revertants with the ψΔ inversion.

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posted on 08.08.2011, 02:32 by John T. Matera, Jessica Monroe, Woodson Smelser, Susan Gabay-Laughnan, Kathleen J. Newton

(A) Predicted PCR products for primer sets listed in Table 1. PCR products for primer sets 1–6 are shown in Figure 3. (B) PCR of CMS-S (S) mtDNA and two revertants (Rev1 and Rev2). Primer sets 9 and 10 amplify from orf355 into ψΔ, encompassing either the cox2 gene (Set10) or its promoter region (Set 9). Both products are specific for the inverted orientation of the cox2 region present in the two revertants.


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