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Analysis of the Wnt ligand family and their receptors in adipose tissue from wild-type mice and adiponectin-transgenic mice.

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posted on 04.07.2013, 01:57 by Nobuhiko Wada, Toshihiko Hashinaga, Shuichi Otabe, Xiaohong Yuan, Yayoi Kurita, Satomi Kakino, Tsuyoshi Ohoki, Hitomi Nakayama, Tomoka Fukutani, Yuji Tajiri, Kentaro Yamada

mRNA levels of the Wnt ligand family (A), Frizzled receptors (B), non-Fzd Wnt receptors (C) and coreceptors (D) in adipose tissue from line 11 (closed bars) and line 13 (open bars) of male adiponectin-transgenic mice. Data are shown as ratios to wild-type C57BL/6 mice at the age of 20 weeks (n = 6–10, for each group). mRNA levels were determined by quantitative real-time RT-PCR and normalized to Gapdh mRNA. Means and SD, *p<0.05, **p<0.01 vs. wild-type mice.