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Analysis of fucosyltransferase mutant 2F-Fuc sensitivity.

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posted on 2015-09-28, 03:04 authored by Jose A. Villalobos, Bo R. Yi, Ian S. Wallace

Arabidopsis Col-0 seedlings were grown on MS media with (black bars) or without (white bars) the addition of 100 μM 2F-Fuc in parallel with fut1 (SALK_139678), fut4;6 double knockout, fut11 (SALK_134085), fut12 (SALK_063355), and fut13 (SALK_067444) mutants. After 7 days of growth at 22°C under long day conditions, primary root lengths were quantified as described in Materials and Methods. Error bars represent SEM (n = 30).