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Analysis of down-regulated genes in PAO-SCV.

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posted on 2011-12-15, 00:51 authored by Qing Wei, Saeed Tarighi, Andreas Dötsch, Susanne Häussler, Mathias Müsken, Victoria J. Wright, Miguel Cámara, Paul Williams, Steven Haenen, Bart Boerjan, Annelies Bogaerts, Evy Vierstraete, Peter Verleyen, Liliane Schoofs, Ronnie Willaert, Valérie N. De Groote, Jan Michiels, Ken Vercammen, Aurélie Crabbé, Pierre Cornelis

A: Down-regulation of quorum-sensing-regulated genes in PAO-SCV: pqsABCDE-phnAB for the biosynthesis of PQS, the two phenazine biosynthesis operons (phz), the rhamnolipid production rhlA gene, and the hydrogen cyanide production gene (hcn). B: Up-regulation of pyochelin siderophore biosynthesis (pch) and uptake (fptA) genes in PAO-SCV. C: Down-regulation of two phage-related clusters of genes in PAO-SCV.


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