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Analysis of PRR11 expression in human gastric cancers and adjacent normal mucosa specimens.

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posted on 07.08.2015 by Zongchang Song, Wenying Liu, Yu Xiao, Minghui Zhang, Yan Luo 1, Weiwei Yuan, Yu Xu, Guanzhen Yu, Yide Hu

(A, A1) Normal gastric mucosa showed weak staining of PRR11; (B, B1) Positive staining of PRR11 in gastric cancer; (C, C1) Negative staining of PRR11 in gastric cancer. A1, B1, C1 are enlargement of tissues from A, B, C, respectively. Original magnification of A, B, C: 40×; Original magnification of A1, B1, C1: 200×. (D) Western blotting revealed increased expression of PRR11 in tumor samples (T) compared with that in noncancerous tissues (N); (E) mRNA levels of PRR11 in gastric cancer tissues (T) and normal tissues (N).