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Analysis of Na+/K+ binding sites of Na+/K+-ATPase (Nka) α1, Nkaα3a and Nkaα3b.

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posted on 2013-12-31, 04:48 authored by Xiu L. Chen, Nicklaus L. J. E. Wee, Kum C. Hiong, Jasmine L. Y. Ong, You R. Chng, Biyun Ching, Wai P. Wong, Shit F. Chew, Yuen K. Ip

A multiple amino acid sequence alignment of a region of Nkaα1, Nkaα3a and Nkaα3b from the brain of Monopterus albus, with Nkaα1a [GenBank: JN180940], Nkaα1b [GenBank: JN180941] and Nkaα1c [GenBank: JN180942] from the gills of Anabas testudineus. Identical amino acid residues are indicated by asterisks, strongly similar amino acids are indicated by colons and weakly similar amino acids are indicated by periods. Vertical boxes represent coordinating residues for Na+ or K+ binding. A triangle indicates the amino acid residue that is identical in Nkaα1c but different in Nkaα1a and Nkaα1b.