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Amino acid sequence alignment of selected Homarus americanus receptors for peptide families in which multiple full-length receptors were identified.

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posted on 05.01.2016 by Andrew E. Christie, Megan Chi, Tess J. Lameyer, Micah G. Pascual, Devlin N. Shea, Meredith E. Stanhope, David J. Schulz, Patsy S. Dickinson

(A) Alignment of allatostatin-C receptor (AST-CR) I and II. (B) Alignment of pigment dispersing hormone receptor (PDHR) I and II. In each panel, “*” located beneath each line of the alignment indicates residues that are identical in the two sequences, while “:” and “.” indicate highly conservative and conservative substituted (similar) amino acids, respectively, shared between the two proteins. In this figure, the rhodopsin-like G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) seven transmembrane domains identified by InterPro in each of the two AST-CRs are highlighted in black, while the GPCR family 2 extracellular hormone receptor domain and the GPCR family 2-like seven transmembrane region identified by InterPro in the each PDHR are highlighted in red and dark blue, respectively.