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Altered expression in pseudoflowers of genes involved in the biosynthesis of aromatic compounds.

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posted on 17.09.2013, 01:34 by Liliana M. Cano, Sylvain Raffaele, Riston H. Haugen, Diane G. O. Saunders, Lauriebeth Leonelli, Dan MacLean, Saskia A. Hogenhout, Sophien Kamoun

(A) Down-regulation of genes involved in terpene (monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes) biosynthetic pathway: TERPENE SYNTHASE10 (TPS10, At2g24210) and 21 (TPS21, At2g23960). (B) Up-regulation of genes involved in phenylethanol biosynthetic pathway: TYROSINE TRANSAMINASE enzyme encoding gene (TT, At4g23590). Pathway diagrams were obtained from AraCyc and PlantCyc browsers ( Blocks represent genes involved in the production of particular compounds within the metabolic pathway. The color of the block indicates relative gene fold induction (from green for average induction folds < 0 that indicates down-regulation to red for average induction folds > 0 that indicates up-regulation) in Pucciniamonoica-induced pseudoflowers (‘Pf’) compared to uninfected Boecherastricta stems and leaves (‘SL’).