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All-point current histogram for KKRR-ShPrP(120–232) and KKRR-ShPrP(120–232)-D178N.

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posted on 2013-02-05, 01:32 authored by Nahid N. Jetha, Valentyna Semenchenko, David S. Wishart, Neil R. Cashman, Andre Marziali

Ionic current histogram of all PrPC capture events from all voltages, with ionic current normalized by the open-pore current (I0) at a given voltage, for KKRR-ShPrP(120–232) (blue) and KKRR-ShPrP(120–232)-D178N (red). Ionic current is median filtered to 2.99 ms per data-point. The histograms exhibit multiple peaks with varying degrees of overlap indicative of complex PrPC kinetics in the pore. Moreover, the histograms exhibit clear distinguishable features (e.g. the near absence of the peak at I/I0 ∼0 pA with respect to KKRR-ShPrP(120–232)-D178N).