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Alignment of C-terminal amino acid residues of the prodomains of falcipain-2 and related cysteine proteases.

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posted on 2009-05-27, 01:59 authored by Kailash C. Pandey, David T. Barkan, Andrej Sali, Philip J. Rosenthal

The sequences of falcipain-2 (FP2), falcipain-3 (FP3), berghepain-2 (BP2), human cathepsin K (Cath K), human cathepsin L (Cath L), human cathepsin B (Cath B), and papain were aligned using Expassy (European Bioinformatics Institute). Amino acids comprising the ERFNIN and GNFD motifs are labeled with stars, and conserved hydrophobic residues are indicated by arrows. Amino acids that are identical or similar to those of falcipain-2 are highlighted.