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Aggresomes Do Not Impair Mitotic Cell Division

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posted on 21.02.2013, 13:01 by María A Rujano, Floris Bosveld, Florian A Salomons, Freark Dijk, Maria A.W.H van Waarde, Johannes J.L van der Want, Rob A.I de Vos, Ewout R Brunt, Ody C.M Sibon, Harm H Kampinga

(A) Quantitative analysis of total mitoses in wild-type HEK293 cells and polyglutamine-expressing HEK293-HDQ119 cells. Bars represent standard error of the mean.

(B) Relative fraction of mitoses in each population (diffuse, aggresome-containing, and non–aggresome-containing) of HEK293-HDQ119 cells.

(C–G) Representative pictures of fixed O23 (C and D) and HEK293 (E–G) aggresome-containing cells in different mitotic phases. The aggresome is associated with only one of the poles during metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. (C) shows that alignment of chromosomes in metaphase appears normal, and (D and F) show that segregation during anaphase-telophase appears to be normal. Similarly, (C and D) show that positioning of the centrosomes is normal, and (E–F) show that distribution of microtubules and (G) cytokinesis are normal. DNA is stained with DAPI (blue). Bars, 5 μm.


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