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Age-dependent alteration in COUP-TFII expression in fetal rat Leydig cells in vehicle-exposed control rats and after in utero exposure to dibutyl phthalate (DBP; 500 mg/kg/day).

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posted on 2012-05-17, 02:15 authored by Sander van den Driesche, Marion Walker, Chris McKinnell, Hayley M. Scott, Sharon L. Eddie, Rod T. Mitchell, Jonathan R. Seckl, Amanda J. Drake, Lee B. Smith, Richard A. Anderson, Richard M. Sharpe

(A–B) Triple immunofluorescence for SMA (blue), 3β-HSD (red) and COUP-TFII (green) on fetal testis sections from vehicle (control) and DBP-exposed animals. Arrows in A indicate examples of individual Leydig cells positive for COUP-TFII whereas asterisks indicate DBP-induced aggregates of Leydig cells which are predominantly COUP-TFII-immunopositive. SC = seminiferous cords. Scale bar A = 20 µm, B = 200 µm. (C) Quantification of the percentage of COUP-TFII positive fetal Leydig cells in vehicle (control) and DBP-exposed animals using tiled high resolution images as shown in panel B. Values are means ± SEM for 5–8 animals at each age (minimum of 3 litters per group). ***p<0.001, in comparison with respective control; other comparisons are indicated by capped lines.