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Additional Quality Control and Processing of Frozen, Archived Plasma Samples.

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posted on 07.06.2013 by Heather H. Cheng, Hye Son Yi, Yeonju Kim, Evan M. Kroh, Jason W. Chien, Keith D. Eaton, Marc T. Goodman, Jonathan F. Tait, Muneesh Tewari, Colin C. Pritchard

(A) Schematic of archival sample types: PlasmaSTD, post-thaw processing to PlasmaPOOR, and SerumSTD Samples were collected at each of five time points from six healthy donors in a prospective screening cohort between 2001 and 2007. (B) Microparticle and platelet content of 3 sample types from all 30 timed draws as measured by particle counter. (C) Normalized CT difference from the mean of selected miRNAs tested by individual qRT-PCR assay. Individual miRNAs are grouped into most affected, affected and unaffected by processing, as listed. T-test comparing PlasmaSTD and PlasmaPOOR was calculated for each miRNA and p values are listed on the bottom row. (D) Graphs depicting the CT change from baseline of the miRNAs most affected, affected and unaffected in frozen archival PlasmaSTD and PlasmaPOOR.