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Addition of CX-4945 to EGFR-TKIs substantially suppressed the EGFR signaling pathway in gefitinib/erlotinib-resistant, PC-9 cells.

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posted on 08.12.2014 by Kwang Sup So, Cheol Hyeon Kim, Jin Kyung Rho, Sun Ye Kim, Yun Jung Choi, Joon Seon Song, Woo Sung Kim, Chang Min Choi, Young Jin Chun, Jae Cheol Lee

A and B, Control and EGFR siRNAs (100 nM) were introduced into parental or resistant cells, and EGFR suppression was confirmed by Western blot analysis. Cell viability was measured using a cell counter 72 h later. *p<0.01 and **p<0.001 compared with the control. C, Cells were treated with drugs as in Fig. 2. Cells were harvested, and the modulation of EGFR signaling in the indicated cell lines was detected by Western blot analysis.