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Ad-CXCR4 transfection protects EPCs from HG-induced dysfunction and apoptosis via activating Akt/eNOS pathways.

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posted on 19.02.2013, 19:55 authored by Ji Chen, Jianying Chen, Shuzhen Chen, Cheng Zhang, Liangqing Zhang, Xiang Xiao, Avik Das, Yuhui Zhao, Bin Yuan, Mariana Morris, Bin Zhao, Yanfang Chen

Representative tube formation pictures (A1–A8) and summarized data (A9) in different treatment groups. A1: Ad-null-EPCs+Con; A2: Ad-null-EPCs+Osm; A3: Ad-null-EPCs+HG; A4: Ad-CXCR4-EPCs+Con; A5: Ad-CXCR4-EPCs+Osm; A6: Ad-CXCR4-EPCs+HG; A7: Ad-CXCR4-EPCs+HG+LY294002; A8: Ad-CXCR4-EPCs+HG+L-NAME. Scale bar: 600 µm. Summarized data on migration ability (B) and the percentage of EPC apoptosis (C) in different treatment groups. *P<0.05, **P<0.01 vs. Ad-null-EPCs or Ad-null-EPCs+Osm; ++P<0.01 vs. HG+Ad-null-EPCs; #P<0.05, ##P<0.01 vs. HG+Ad-CXCR4-EPCs; §P<0.05 vs. HG+Ad-CXCR4-EPCs+LY294002, n = 6/group. Con: control (basal medium); Osm: osmotic control; HG: high glucose medium; Ad-null-EPCs: EPCs transfected with Ad-null; Ad-CXCR4-EPCs: EPCs transfected with Ad-CXCR4.