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Activation of the signalling protein AKT.

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posted on 2013-07-29, 02:30 authored by Petra Müller, Anne Langenbach, Alexander Kaminski, Joachim Rychly

Quantitative analyses of phosphorylated AKT (p-AKT) in MSC after application of mechanical stress to β1-integrin and in the presence of CytD (0.5 mM), LatA (0.1 mM) or Jasp (0.01 mM). For controls MSC were cultured in EM containing 0.1% DMSO (DMSO). Measurements were performed using a Bioplex assay. For control of the protein content, AKT was blotted in Western blot (below). p-AKT induced by mechanical load was inhibited by CytD and LatA, but not by Jasp. The intensities are relative to the control. Control (c) – cells without mechanical stress and no magnetic field, cluster (cl) – integrins were clustered by incubation with antibody coated beads, mf (magnetic field) – cells were exposed to the magnetic field without beads, stress – integrins were mechanically loaded by drag forces. (Results are mean values of three independent measurements, asterix indicate statistical significance at p≤0.05* or p≤0.01**).