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Activation of the pro-survival protein Akt after IITT and F treatment.

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posted on 01.04.2015 by Sarah Jean Boeddeker, Dunja Maria Baston-Buest, Tanja Fehm, Jan Kruessel, Alexandra Hess

Western blot analysis of pAkt and Akt in non-differentiated (St-T1, first line; KdS1, second line) and decidualized (dSt-T1, third line; dKdS1, fourth line) ESCs after treatments with F 15min, IITT 15min and IITT 24h + F 15min vs. untreated controls. (A) Representative blot of pAkt (60kDa), Akt (60kDa) and β-Actin (42kDa) as loading control. (B) Pixel densitiy evaluation of pAkt normalized to Akt is given as mean±SEM of n = 6 independent experiments, *p<0.05 wildtype vs. Sdc-1 kd cells, #p<0.05 undifferentiated vs. decidualized cells, ✝p<0.05 untreated control vs. treated.