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Acquisition of EMT phenotype and gene signature of MCF7 cells after BORIS silencing.

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posted on 2015-07-17, 03:50 authored by Loredana Alberti, Lorena Losi, Serge Leyvraz, Jean Benhattar

(A) Representative images of MCF7- and MDA-MB-231- derived cells after dox-induction of BORIS- and CTR- shRNA, 10X magnification. Black scale bars indicate 250 μm. (B) After 2 weeks of BORIS knockdown, mRNA levels of the indicated genes were analyzed by qRT-PCR. Graphs represent for each gene the means of fold induction of both BORIS shRNA (BORIS sh-3 and sh-4) related to the control. Standard errors were calculated considering error propagation of both BORIS shRNA. Graphs show one representative experiment. Results are shown in logarithmic scale. (C) Cell migration assay of MCF7 cells after BORIS knockdown. Graph shows the mean of cell number visualized in 10 different fields ± SD (n = 3). One asterisk (p<0.05) or two asterisks (p<0.001) indicate statistically significant difference between BORIS sh and CTR sh. On the right, representative images, 10X magnification.