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Accuracies, sensitivities and specificities are displayed for each type of intensity normalization.

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posted on 26.02.2013, 12:12 by Juergen Dukart, Robert Perneczky, Stefan Förster, Henryk Barthel, Janine Diehl-Schmid, Bogdan Draganski, Hellmuth Obrig, Emiliano Santarnecchi, Alexander Drzezga, Andreas Fellgiebel, Richard Frackowiak, Alexander Kurz, Karsten Müller, Osama Sabri, Matthias L. Schroeter, Igor Yakushev

Accuracies, sensitivities and specificities were obtained using mean uptake values extracted from the cerebellar cluster (center 1 (a), center 2 (b)) and from the overlap of all clusters detected at center 1 (center 1 (c), center 2 (d)) for differentiation between frontotemporal lobar degeneration patients and control subjects using logistic regressions. Mean values and standard deviations (error bars) obtained after 5000 permutations using split-half cross-validation are displayed. SMC primary sensorimotor cortex, CBL cerebellum, CGM cerebral global mean, RC reference cluster.