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Acceptance probability versus learning ratio and social pressure.

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posted on 2015-05-15, 02:58 authored by Carlos Sáenz-Royo, Carlos Gracia-Lázaro, Yamir Moreno

Fraction of realizations in which the innovation has been adopted P(acceptance) versus the learning ratio m (left panel) and versus the social pressure parameter δ (right panel) for the six different types of networks studied. The value of R* is chosen so that P(acceptance) ∼ 0.5 for m = 0.5, being R* = 1.55, 2.2, 3.3, 4.5, 35, 155 for the hierarchical, lattice, Erdös-Rényi, Barabási-Albert, star and complete graphs respectively. Other values are N = 1000, R = 1, ρ = 10, δ = 0.5, ϵR*, σ = N−1. Each point is averaged over 104 different realizations. See the main text for further details.