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Accelerated mammary tumor development in adiponectin haplodeficient MMTV-PyVT mice.

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posted on 21.02.2013, 06:32 by Janice B. B. Lam, Kim H. M. Chow, Aimin Xu, Karen S. L. Lam, Jing Liu, Nai-Sum Wong, Randall T. Moon, Peter R. Shepherd, Garth J. S. Cooper, Yu Wang

Tumor growth in PyVT(+/−)/ADN(+/+) and PyVT(+/−)/ADN(+/−) mice were monitored starting from 6 and 11 wks, up to 14 and 28 wks for female (left panel) and male (right panel) mice respectively. Tumor sizes were measured using vernier calipers and tumor volume calculated as described in Methods. Each group contained 13–20 mice, and the mean tumor volume ±SD was presented.