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Aberrant motility of dsRNA Bm-cpl-1-exposed B. malayi.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 21:36 authored by Chuanzhe Song, Jack M. Gallup, Tim A. Day, Lyric C. Bartholomay, Michael J. Kimber

Frequency distribution for motility of L3 stage B. malayi recovered from Ae. aegypti showing significantly reduced motility of Bm-cpl-1 suppressed worms. Parasitized mosquitoes were injected with saline (control), 150 ng eGFP dsRNA, or 150 ng Bm-cpl-1 dsRNA at 7 or 10 d post-infection (dpi), then dissected to obtain parasites at 14 dpi. Parasite motility was scored on a 1–5 scale, with 1 =  immobile and 5 =  all parts of worm in constant motion (control n = 101, dseGFP n = 68, dsBm-cpl-1 10 dpi n = 70, dsBm-cpl-1 7 dpi n = 48, P<0.001).


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