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A single nucleotide difference in seed region of miRNAs is associated with a major change in regulated target genes.

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posted on 12.12.2014 by Christopher G. Hill, Neda Jabbari, Lilya V. Matyunina, John F. McDonald

A) miR-25 and miR-32, two miRNAs with identical seed regions (upper-case letters), have 81% overlap in their predicted target genes; B) miR-25 and miR-183, two miRNAs with a single nucleotide difference within their respective seed regions have only 18% overlap in their predicted target genes; C) The overlap of predicted targets for all 249 pairs of conserved miRNAs grouped by the number of mismatches in their respective seed regions. The computed percentage overlaps (cosine similarity) are presented as box and whisker plots [the bottom and top of each box represent the first and third quartiles of variation while the band inside the box represents the median (second quartile) value; the “whiskers” represent variability outside the upper and lower quartiles].