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A screen for altered telomeres among poorly characterized essential CIN genes identifies components of ASTRA/TTT.

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posted on 28.04.2011, 02:43 by Peter C. Stirling, Michelle S. Bloom, Tejomayee Solanki-Patil, Stephanie Smith, Payal Sipahimalani, Zhijian Li, Megan Kofoed, Shay Ben-Aroya, Kyungjae Myung, Philip Hieter

(A) Southern blots of telomere length alterations in indicated mutants. 11 strains are shown, other strains screened had WT telomere length (data not shown). Telomeres are bright bands under 1.5 kb, control bands are seen at the top and bottom of the gel. Triangles indicate short (filled) or long (open) telomeres. (B) Conservation of ASTRA components from yeast to humans. (C) Temperature-sensitive growth of TTT subunit and ASA1 mutant alleles in spots of 10-fold serially diluted yeast cultures. (D) Southern blot of TTT-Asa1 telomere length as in (A). (E) Western analysis of 2xFLAG-Tel1p in the TTT-Asa1 ts-alleles including α-Pgk1p blots as a loading control.