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A possible homologous recombination event between Glu-D1 haplotypes H5 and H10.

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posted on 30.09.2013, 02:37 by Zhenying Dong, Yushuang Yang, Yiwen Li, Kunpu Zhang, Haijuan Lou, Xueli An, Lingli Dong, Yong Qiang Gu, Olin D. Anderson, Xin Liu, Huanju Qin, Daowen Wang

This event might take place in Ae. tauschii between H5 and H10 downstream of the 1Dx gene (as indicated by the cross). The descendent was introduced to the ancestral hexaploid wheat via hexaploidization, giving rise to H12 after further differentiation (as evidenced by the positive amplification of Xrj4 due to Wis-2p insertion, boxed area). The types of 1Dx and 1Dy genes and the alleles of the seven Glu-D1 markers hosted by the different haplotypes were indicated.