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A genome-wide transcriptional snapshot of A. fumigatus Af293 during intiation of murine infection.

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posted on 12.09.2008, 00:31 by Andrew McDonagh, Natalie D. Fedorova, Jonathan Crabtree, Yan Yu, Stanley Kim, Dan Chen, Omar Loss, Timothy Cairns, Gustavo Goldman, Darius Armstrong-James, Ken Haynes, Hubertus Haas, Markus Schrettl, Gregory May, William C. Nierman, Elaine Bignell

Red and green vertical lines correspond to individual up- and down-regulated genes, respectively. Thin light gray vertical lines indicate the positions of all other genes. (SM) and (asp_core) are density graphs of secondary metabolite and Aspergillus-core genes, respectively, expressed as a percentage of the total bases contained per gene type, per non-overlapping 2 kb of chromosomal sequence. Induced and repressed gene clusters, are depicted by red and green rectangles, respectively, below each chromosome. A complete listing of genes housed in these co-regulated clusters can be found in Table S6. Light blue/gray vertical bars represent putative centromeres and the pink vertical bar in chromosome 4 represents a region of ribosomal DNA.