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A composite graph of the two MAP and two M. avium bacterial strains studied.

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posted on 21.02.2013, 12:26 by Robert J. Greenstein, Liya Su, Azra Shahidi, Sheldon T. Brown

Each dose was studied in singlicate. For MAP ATCC 19698, 6×104 CFU's were inoculated/vial. Sulfasalazine is the negative control for both MAP and M. avium strains. In all strains there is dose dependent increase in cGI. There is no inhibition by sulfapyridine alone with either MAP strain. 5-ASA has dose dependent inhibition on both MAP strains. Note the subtle synergy up to 16 µg/ml for both MAP strains for the 5-ASA+sulfapyridine group compared to 5-ASA alone. The positive control in the Dominic study was clarithromycin which, because it was diluted in methanol, is off scale. Accordingly, the clarithromycin data are not presented.