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A. baumannii sod2343 mutants are attenuated in the Galleria mellonella infection model.

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posted on 07.07.2014 by Magdalena Heindorf, Mahendar Kadari, Christine Heider, Evelyn Skiebe, Gottfried Wilharm

(A) Survival of Galleria caterpillars injected with 3×105 CFU of ATCC 17978 sod2343::Km (red), ATCC 17978 (green) and PBS (blue). (B) Infection with 1.5×106 CFU of 07–095 and its sod2343::Km derivative. (C) Infection with 3×105 CFU of 07–102 and its sod2343::Km mutant. Results represent means and standard deviations of at least three independent experiments of 16 larvae per group.