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(A, B, C) S content (mg g-1 DW), (D, E, F) Mo content (μg g-1 DW) and (G, H, I) the [Mo]:[S] 104 ratio (to simplify reading the [Mo]:[S] ratio is presented with a multiplier factor of 104) in mature leaves of B. napus grown under field conditions after (A, D, G) 15 and (B, C, E, F, H, I) 47 days of fertilization.

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posted on 2016-11-21, 17:30 authored by Anne Maillard, Elise Sorin, Philippe Etienne, Sylvain Diquélou, Anna Koprivova, Stanislav Kopriva, Mustapha Arkoun, Karine Gallardo, Marie Turner, Florence Cruz, Jean-Claude Yvin, Alain Ourry

Plants received no mineral fertilization (hatched bars, 0 kg S.ha-1, 0 kg N.ha-1), or 0 kg S ha-1 (white bar), 12 kg S ha-1 (gray bar) or 36 kg S ha-1 (black bar) with 65 kg N ha-1 (dashed bars) or 125 kg N ha-1 (full bars). Within the same graph, letters when different between fertilization treatments indicate significant differences for P<0.05.