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A 41-year-old woman with barotrauma of the bilateral middle ears and right maxillary sinus.

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posted on 12.06.2013, 02:14 by Ping Wang, Xiao-Ming Zhang, Zhao-Hua Zhai, Pei-Ling Li

A–B: The bilateral mastoid cavities, left middle ear cavity and right maxillary sinus show hyperintensity on T2WI. C: The bilateral globus pallidus shows symmetric hyperintensity on T2WI FLAIR. D-E: Two months later, the left maxillary sinuses, and the sphenoid sinus besides the sites above show hyperintensity on T2WI. F: The symmetric hyperintensity can be observed in the bilateral globus pallidus and the bilateral white matter on T2WI FLAIR.