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AZGP1 overexpression induces apoptosis and cell cycle arrest.

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posted on 2014-06-11, 02:45 authored by Ligong Chang, Xiaoqiang Tian, Yinghui Lu, Min Jia, Peng Wu, Peilin Huang

(a), (b) Cell cycle analysis for the three groups. *compared with blank group and control group, the rate of G2 phase in LoVo cells which were transfected with the pGCMV/EGFP/AZGP1 plasmid was higher (P<0.05). **compared to the blank group and control group, the experimental group had a higher rate of apoptosis (P<0.01). (c), (d) Apoptosis rate. *compared with the other groups, the experimental group exhibited higher apoptosis rates (P<0.05).