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AMRF-NH2 docked to FMRFa-R yielded two best poses.

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posted on 17.09.2013, 01:39 by Benjamin F. Maynard, Chloe Bass, Chris Katanski, Kiran Thakur, Beth Manoogian, Megan Leander, Ruthann Nichols

Two best poses (A and B) were generated in docking AMRF-NH2 to FMRFa-R. Contacts made between the amino acids in AMRF-NH2 are shown as A (sky blue), M (green), R (red), and F4 (blue) and the receptor, FMRFa-R, whose transmembrane regions are labeled TM# where # is 1–7. The C-terminal F was amidated, -NH2.