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AKT subgroups are prognostic.

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posted on 01.07.2014, 02:52 by Anna Joy, Archana Ramesh, Ivan Smirnov, Mark Reiser, Anjan Misra, William R. Shapiro, Gordon B. Mills, Seungchan Kim, Burt G. Feuerstein

Kaplan Meier survival curves plotted for Phillips (A) and AKT (B) subgroups in the discovery dataset and for TCGA (C) and AKT (D) subgroups in the validation dataset. Log rank p value  =  0.0005 (B; SL vs. rest); 0.0029 (B; PROLIF vs. rest) and 0.003 (D; SL vs rest). Survival differences did not reach significance in (A) and (C).