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ADF4 is required for RPS5 mRNA accumulation and resistance to Pseudomonas syringae expressing the cysteine protease effector AvrPphB.

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posted on 2012-11-08, 01:51 authored by Katie Porter, Masaki Shimono, Miaoying Tian, Brad Day

Time-course of mRNA accumulation of (A) RPS5 and (C) PBS1 in Col-0 and adf4 mutant plants following dip inoculation with Pst AvrPphB. (B) Expression levels of RPS5 in Col-0, pbs1, adf4/g:ADF4, and adf3. (D) RPS5 mRNA accumulation in Col-0 and rps5-1, comparing each to their basal untreated levels at 24 hpi with Pst AvrPphB. Error bars represent mean ± SEM from two technical replicates of two independent biological repeats (n = 4). Statistical significance was determined using two-way ANOVA as compared to Col-0, with Bonferroni post test, where *p<0.05 and ***p<0.001. hpi = hours post inoculation.