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5' RACE clones aligned against their genomic references.

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posted on 28.01.2016, 12:39 by Andrea Degl'Innocenti, Marta Parrilla, Bettina Harr, Meike Teschke

For each gene, middle black line represents the genomic locus (GRCm38.p1). Transcription start sites derived from literature are labelled with capital letters (C for Clowney et al., P for Plessy et al., Y for Young et al.). Light blue arrows depict coding sequences as they appear on Ensembl. Fuchsia arrows represent sequences selected as putative promoters. On Olfr466, a pink arrow renders an alternative putative promoter derived from Plessy et al. All arrows point towards 3'-end. Above genomic loci, grey stacked lines represent spliced 5' RACE clones obtained from whole olfactory mucosa; similarly, in green below the genomic reference, clones derived from sorted olfactory sensory neurons are depicted. Thin (grey or green) lines in 5' RACE clones represent introns. Three dots (…) on a stacked line indicate that the clone is not sequenced until its 3'-end. Shortest clones are omitted for graphical reasons. The control, non-solitary, odorant receptor gene Olfr6 (M50) is boxed in orange.