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21-BD effect on Na,K-ATPase and Pdr5p activity.

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posted on 2014-10-07, 03:18 authored by Sayonarah C. Rocha, Marco T. C. Pessoa, Luiza D. R. Neves, Silmara L. G. Alves, Luciana M. Silva, Herica L. Santos, Soraya M. F. Oliveira, Alex G. Taranto, Moacyr Comar, Isabella V. Gomes, Fabio V. Santos, Natasha Paixão, Luis E. M. Quintas, François Noël, Antonio F. Pereira, Ana C. S. C. Tessis, Natalia L. S. Gomes, Otacilio C. Moreira, Ruth Rincon-Heredia, Fernando P. Varotti, Gustavo Blanco, Jose A. F. P. Villar, Rubén G. Contreras, Leandro A. Barbosa

(A) 21-BD competition of 3H-ouabain binding on HeLa cells; the control for maximal binding is represented with a white circle and a long dashed line, competition of ouabain and 21-BD is shown with blue and red circles respectively. (B) Inhibition of rat´s brain hemisphere Na,K-ATPase after 2 h incubation with digoxin (green circles) or 21-BD (red circles). (C) Effect of 21-BD on the Na,K-ATPase activity on proteins expressed in Sf9 insect cells, Na,K-ATPase activity was measured on Sf9 cells expressing the rat α1 β1 (orange circles) or β1 (red circles) after 15 min treatment with the indicated concentrations of 21-BD. (D) Dose-response curve for the effects of 21-DB on Na,K-ATPase activity of mouse kidney membrane preparations. E) Effect of 21-BD (red circles) or digoxin (green circles) on the activity of the Pdr5p transporter.