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ZDF rats show normal PA pulmonary artery contraction.

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posted on 2019-01-28, 18:36 authored by Daniel Morales-Cano, Maria Callejo, Bianca Barreira, Gema Mondejar-Parreño, Sergio Esquivel-Ruiz, Sonia Ramos, María Ángeles Martín, Angel Cogolludo, Laura Moreno, Francisco Perez-Vizcaino

(A) Contractile responses to 80 mM KCl. (B and C) Cumulative concentration-response curves to (B) the alpha-adrenergic agonist phenylephrine and (C) serotonin (5-HT). Results are expressed as means ± SEM of 5 (ZDF) and 4 (ZL) rats in duplicate. P = 0.05, ZDF versus ZL (unpaired t test).