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Young adult composite faces

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posted on 2016-10-24, 12:30 authored by Lisa DeBruineLisa DeBruine
This image set comprises 5 male and 5 female composite images (4 individuals per composite) of adult individuals of African, East Asian, West Asian and White ethnic backgrounds, plus a composite image of all 4 ethnic groupings. Images are 1350x1350 pixels in full colour.

f_african (21,24,25,30)
f_easian (24,24,28,31)
f_wasian (22,25,31,NA-appears early 20s)
f_white (23,26,26,28)
m_african (20,20,21,27)
m_easian (21,28,29,47)
m_wasian (25,26,31,37)
m_white (19,24,24,26)

Template files mark out 189 coordinates delineating face shape, for use with Psychomorph or

All individuals gave signed consent for their images to be "used in lab-based and web-based studies in their original or altered forms and to illustrate research (e.g., in scientific journals, news media or presentations)." Images were taken in London, UK, in April 2012.