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WriteLaTeX: Collaborative Open Science

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posted on 29.04.2013, 12:50 by John Hammersley, John Lees-Miller

Poster presentated at The Oxford Future of Science Conference: Rigour and Openness in 21st Century Science 2013, 11 - 12 Apr 2013

Background: There are two million scientific papers published every year by over two million researchers, but LaTeX, the best tool for writing scientific articles, has a steep learning curve and is inaccessible to most – it is currently used for only 18% of articles. WriteLaTeX is changing that.

Summary: We are making the power of LaTeX available to all scientists and technical writers at all stages of their careers as students, teachers, academics and professionals. Academics and students in hundreds of universities worldwide are using WriteLaTeX for papers, assignments, presentations and more.

Next Steps: Through links with other open science tools, journals and publishers, we are creating a complete cloud-based solution for academic publishing.