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posted on 12.04.2017, 18:17 by Stephanie Panzer, Holger Wittig, Stephanie Zesch, Wilfried Rosendahl, Sandra Blache, Magdalena Müller-Gerbl, Gerhard Hotz

(A) Axial multiplanar reconstruction of the bundle illustrating different layers of textiles with interworked cord structures around the mummy. In the front of the lower legs, two thin hyperdense objects were found (arrow) overlying the inner hyperdense textile layer. (B) Three-dimensional reconstruction of these objects displaying the form of shoe soles and a kind of loop in the region of the big toe. (C) Sagittal multiplanar reconstruction showing the composition of the false head with a hyperdense textile roll forming the nose (arrow) and another textile roll forming the chin (dotted arrow). (D) Paraaxial multiplanar reconstruction illustrating the different contents of the bags around the neck (arrows).