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Whole-Body Counter Evaluation of Internal Radioactive Cesium in Dogs and Cats Exposed to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - Fig 1

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posted on 18.01.2017, 17:30 by Seiichi Wada, Nobuhiko Ito, Masamichi Watanabe, Takehiko Kakizaki, Masahiro Natsuhori, Jun Kawamata, Yoshio Urayama

A: Front view of the detection tank of the whole-body counter. The entire surface, including the door, is covered with lead plates. The four vertical outer faces (front, back, left, right) were shielded with water. B: Inside the detection tank. The animal cage can be seen on top of polystyrene blocks. The NaI radiation detectors lie on both sides. C: High-voltage power supply, linear amplifier, multi-channel pulse height analyzer and radioactivity analyzer.