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Water intake while rats were group housed in standard cages.

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posted on 02.01.2019, 18:34 by Priyanka S. Sagar, Jennifer Zhang, Magda Luciuk, Carly Mannix, Annette T. Y. Wong, Gopala K. Rangan

(A) Water intake in the Lewis rat groups. Water intake in the Lewis+HWI rats was significantly increased water intake at all timepoints during the study period compared to the NWI group. *p<0.001 and †p<0.05 versus age-matched NWI Lewis rat. (B) Water intake in the LPK rat groups. Water intake in the LPK+HWI group was increased only up to week 10, after which it was similar to LPK+NWI rats. *p<0.001 and †p<0.05 versus the age-matched NWI group. Please see Methods for details on calculation.