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WT and TL1A KO mice were primed with MOG-CFA, and draining lymph nodes and spleen were harvested on day 10

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posted on 31.12.2011 by Bhanu P. Pappu, Anna Borodovsky, Timothy S. Zheng, Xuexian Yang, Ping Wu, Xingwen Dong, Shawn Weng, Beth Browning, Martin L. Scott, Li Ma, Lihe Su, Qiang Tian, Pascal Schneider, Richard A. Flavell, Chen Dong, Linda C. Burkly
Single-cell suspensions were stimulated with PMA plus ionomycin with Golgi Plug for 4 h, stained, and analyzed by flow cytometry. Percentages of IL-17– and/or IFN-γ–secreting cells among CD4 cells are shown. Values shown are means ± SEM ( = 12 mice per group). Results are compiled from two experiments with similar results. Differences between WT and KO mice are significant for each of the cytokine-expressing populations (IL-17, P = 0.004; IFN-γ, P = 0.002; IL-17IFN-γ, P = 0.019; IFN-γIL-17, P = 0.011; and IL-17IFN-γ, P = 0.005, as determined by the Student's test).

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Taken from "TL1A–DR3 interaction regulates Th17 cell function and Th17-mediated autoimmune disease"

The Journal of Experimental Medicine 2008;205(5):1049-1062.

Published online 12 May 2008