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Volcano plots showing differentially expressed miRNAs in serum and macrophages of infected jirds.

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posted on 2019-11-26, 18:38 authored by Juan F. Quintana, Sujai Kumar, Alasdair Ivens, Franklin W. N. Chow, Anna M. Hoy, Alison Fulton, Paul Dickinson, Coralie Martin, Matthew Taylor, Simon A. Babayan, Amy H. Buck

Scatter plot of L. sigmodontis-derived miRNAs (orange dots, orange boxes) and murine-derived miRNAs (blue dots, black boxes) that are differentially expressed (DE) in naïve and infected serum (A) and macrophages (B) from jirds. Horizontal lines represent the cut-off for determining significant DE miRNAs in these datasets (p < 0.05). C) Principal Component Analysis of the DESeq2 analysis of naïve vs. infected jirds serum and macrophages. The samples are color-coded and the legend on the right indicates the corresponding experimental groups.