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Visualisation of the turquoise module using a network generated in Cytoscape.

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posted on 2016-08-29, 17:33 authored by Evangelos I. Kanonidis, Marcia M. Roy, Ruth F. Deighton, Thierry Le Bihan

The global network is shown in Fig 7A which contains a large (Fig 7B) and a small (Fig 7C) network. In Fig 7A, the main large cluster, identified by the MCODE application, is coloured in green and the most interconnected (‘hub’) proteins are visualized in purple. The main cluster extracted from this module is shown in Fig 7B and a smaller secondary cluster identified by MCODE is shown in Fig 7D. In Fig 7B, proteins highlighted in red are part of a described biological function according to GOrilla, no specific enrichment has been found for cluster 7D. The main cluster as shown in Fig 7B was analysed using a hierarchical clustering approach based on protein intensity across the tumour (Tu) and the control (Ct) samples and is shown in Fig 7C.