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Viscosity changes of glucommanan during the incubation with two H. irregulare LPMOs using ascorbic acid as reducing agent.

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posted on 2018-09-05, 17:42 authored by Bing Liu, Sumitha Krishnaswamyreddy, Madhu Nair Muraleedharan, Åke Olson, Anders Broberg, Jerry Ståhlberg, Mats Sandgren

The dynamic viscosity was monitored for 30 min at 30°C, pH 5.0, in a falling-ball capillary viscometer with 1 mg/ml glucomannan, 1 uM LPMO and 1 mM ascorbic acid. NcLPMO9C, a LPMO known to oxidatively cleave glucomannan, was used as a positive control, and a negative control containing only glucomannan (GM) and ascorbic acid (AA) was included.