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Viability of human ADSCs cultured with control and chondrogenic media in the self-assembling RAD16-I peptide scaffold and in RAD/CS, RAD/Decorin and RAD/Heparin composites.

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posted on 17.06.2016 by Lourdes Recha-Sancho, Carlos E. Semino

(A) Fluorescent images of live/dead staining at week 4 of culture. Live cells are stained in green and dead cells in red (Scale bars = 200 μm). (B) MTT absorbance values of 3D constructs in both control and chondrogenic culture media in the four scaffold types at different weeks of culture (Significant differences are indicated as * for p<0.05, ** for p<0.01, and *** for p<0.001, One-way ANOVA, N = 2 n = 3). (C) Construct appearance after MTT incubation at week 4 of culture with the different culture media (Con, control medium; ch, chondrogenic medium). Constructs under chondrogenic medium were completely purple after MTT incubation, and constructs under control medium were faintly stained. In the case of RAD/Heparin constructs, live cells were detected in the inner part of the construct (fine arrows).